Tolulope Moody Ministries

Tolulope Moody Ministries

Tolulope Moody Ministries exists as a platform for the advancement of the Kingdom and Gospel of Jesus Christ in this day, by strategically exploring ways of making the message available to the people who need it the most, in the ways they can hear it the clearest and receive it the easiest. 

At the heart of TMM is a burden to help people encounter Jesus in the simplest and most relatable ways possible, come into His plans and purposes for their lives and challenge them to live to the full potential and extent of the life God intends for them.

We do this by creating and pursuing very strategic ways of reaching and impacting a lost world and also by supporting and empowering those who do it.

Tolulope Moody Ministries is supported by generous partners who believe in the call of God on Tolulope Moody and voluntarily commit themselves to providing support for him and the work of the gospel that he carries out, in the great desire that the possibilities of the impact of the work are maximized. 

The support of TMM partners is used to equip and empower the messenger, to generate content of the message and stretch the extents of the expression and reach of the message. 

We believe that there is an urgency to reach the world and to reach generations, and so are willing to passionately pursue possibilities as God leads and provides for us.