11 Jan

Scars and Bloods

So I’ve got these scars from seven years ago.

I was driving home on the night of Saturday, January 11, 2014 and I had an accident that has left me with some scars that I’ll carry for the rest of my life.

A little background might be helpful to put it all in context:

I had really felt God leading me to start Sycamore Church at the time. I had given up everything to pursue that. If you know anything about pioneering a church from nowhere and with nothing, then you’d understand it was really a tough pursuit.

Then right in the process of pursuing a Kingdom purpose, here came the devil’s big blow.

I admit that I could do a lot of distracting things while driving. It’s usually a good opportunity to catch up with a lot of texting and mailing and all. *covers face* Well, marriage and fatherhood has made me a much better citizen, but this was pre-marriage.

That night was nothing of that though. I had strangely- very strangely actually- parked and tucked away my devices before driving off. I was enjoying a very late evening drive in communion with God, when I really felt attacked by the devil.

For the twenty or so seconds that the car had lost control and was tumbling, I could really feel the intensity of the devil doing his worst. But in that inexplicable moment, I also felt the peace, power and assurance of God’s keeping Grace.

Well, a month after the incident, we started core team meetings and three months later, sycamore.church was planted to God’s Glory and we’re a pretty blessed church today  🙂

These days, I like to play over the scars that I still have from the incident. I really like leaning over the story.

“Out of the eater came something to eat, And out of the strong came something sweet.” – Judges 14:14

The scars tell a different story for me now- a sweet story.

They came with a lot of pain then, but now, they tell a story of the reliability of the promise of God.

Blood came out of the scars, but Jesus’ Blood spoke over me.

I wonder what your scars remind you of? For me, it’s that what the enemy meant for evil, God has worked for my good!

In some way or the other, we all have scars. It might be the scars from a failed relationship, from a disappointment or from a lost opportunity. Yours might be very old scars or fresh wounds.

Stop moaning over them. The reason why things were not worse is not because of the leniency and patience of the devil. It was the Grace of God that kept you.

What was a lost year could have been a lost life if the devil had his way.

I pray you wouldn’t ignore your scars.

Maybe right now you really feel the pain from the wounds. You’re honestly blessed to already have the ingredients for joy-birthing scars.

When people say they want to forget about some things, I wonder.

Trust me, I want to remember these things- not as blood-draining scars, but as Blood-affirming scars. It really is not a story of my blood pouring out seven years ago- it’s ultimately all a story of Jesus blood poured out two thousand years ago.

That’s why we live.

What the devil meant for evil only got us stronger. I remember climbing out of the car that night with blood pouring down my head and telling the devil that this only makes me more resolute to pursue God’s call.

And that I will.



January 11th, 2021


  1. Gideon
    January 11, 2021

    Deep thought…
    God bless you sir

  2. January 11, 2021

    God bless you sir

  3. January 11, 2021

    This is deep.
    Thank God for God!!!!!👐


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