03 Nov

Life is for Living!

The piano is what it is, but the music we can create out of it is limitless.

Life isn’t just for having or for some mental sentiment. I believe we were given life to live it to its fullest extents.

I want to be on that pursuit everyday. I want to be making the most of every opportunity. I want to be pushing my strongest foot forward. I want to be giving the people in my world the best of me.

I might not have control over the seasons and circumstances of my life, but I have absolute control over my attitude and passion about life.

I want everyday to count. I want to embrace the opportunity of life and live it. I want to live in the extents of God’s love and life. I want to see the possibilities of Grace. I must not be lazy about this!

Life is a huge opportunity in itself. It’s not first about the opportunities I find in life. It is first of all about knowing life is an opportunity. I don’t want negativity to distract me from the call of hope. I don’t want the pressure of needs to be louder than the sound of how blessed I am. Possibilities call!

I don’t want to postdate possibilities.

Sometimes, I’m in an amazing service and there’s some great intense moment of worship and I see people many times quickly pull out their phones to record a video. I understand your passion to capture the moment, but that in itself is one of my biggest fears. I don’t want to be so busy capturing moments that I never even live the moment!

So you left this amazing service with a video but not with an experience.

Sometimes, we’re looking forward to getting a good shot to upload. Does anybody actually meet celebrities, or do we just capture moments with them? Wide-grinned selfie moments. Plastic life.

Do we actually parent and do family or we just want happy family pictures? You’re working so hard to get a picture with your 10 month old smiling so you can upload it. Its cool for the upload, but I want to actually revel in the beauty of that smile beyond a camera demand.

I want to live my life! I want to love, to husband, to parent, to belong, to connect, to inspire, to church, to give… I want to give the gift of my presence in its fullest, not just my presents.

And above all, I want to love Jesus. Not just to know he should be loved, and that its really cool to love him, and that someday or at sometime… I want to live everyday loving Jesus!

I feel like the possibilities are limitless. There’s really no borderline to the experiences you create pull out of this. Its like we’re all given an orange. Some people lick it so carefully like they’re at a State House dinner; some people suck it with a little more desire; some people basically eat it like they want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! They’re not even separating seeds or the peel. Like I don’t care who’s looking or not looking- I have a life to live!

It’s like we’re all given a piano. Some people are so busy keeping the black and white keys clean and playing single finger notes, posting pictures on Social Media about how great their piano is. But some others are becoming world-renowned composers. It’s the same black and white keys! Handel didn’t have extra blacks. He used the keys he had. He stretched the extents. The piano is what it is, but the music we create is up to us.

I’m not pursuing a great life. I’m pursuing a full life. I’m not pursuing fame. I’m pursuing purpose.

No distraction, no detractor is worth the possibilities locked up in this thing called life!

The world keeps getting more and more intense with each passing day.

There’s a generation of Christians trying so hard to ‘blend’ with the world- to fit in, to be accepted and to be cool.

We’re seemingly trying to find a safe meeting point with the world. Trying to ‘tone down’ the ‘high standards’ of the Christian life, because it’s becoming increasingly unpopular in this present day and age.

The Bible tells about how David found himself in Gath- a Philistine City- and realized that his life was under threat. He had previously been anointed to be King, to serve a God-purpose and all that, but He could lose it all because of the Gath day and place that he suddenly found himself in. The people of Gath had already started pointing him out.

So David decided to act like a mad man, as a strategy to escape from the Gath people and system. And it worked! (1 Sam 21:10-15)

It’s that kind of madness that I think believers need to embrace again in this day and age that is increasingly becoming unbecoming.

We must realize that this world system can make us lose the life we hold; the purpose we pursue; the calling we value, and the Kingdom we are receiving.

We can’t approach this as though it’s a conversation about cool or impressions or popularity- this is a life versus death conversation. This is not about posting anything dumb to get followers or likes on social media; this is not about people liking me… this is about keeping my life!

When David was losing popularity and trending as a joke on social media; he really didn’t mind because he knew he was saving his life and gaining a Kingdom.

If they call us mad for being Christian and doing what’s right, we call it our life-saving strategy.

Why do we complain about the world being the world and how bad people and things are getting in this day and age? I can’t have a problem with the world being worldly or with the extents of its wordliness– I really just should be challenged even more to be the Church and to be Christian- and to be even more intense at that.

There’s no blending or negotiating or compromising with a system that is out to take my life.

I feel like the world will ask Joseph why he left a free and convenient sex fling with Sister Potiphar. Who does that??? Joseph, are you mad?

Or ask why Jesus didn’t just take a wrong / compromised route to getting all the riches in the world- who says no to maaaaney??? Who doesn’t want to hammer?! Jesus, are you mad?

The world will wonder why we sacrifice and go the extra mile in devotion and commitment to know God and serve him- waking up to pray, studying God’s word, spending time in God’s house… is it that we don’t have so many other things to do or be busy with? Are we mad?

Why do we choose to love and forgive in a hate-filled world? Is it that we’ve never been hurt? Are we mad?

Why are we generous with our lives and resources, towards God and people? Is it that we have so much? Are we mad?

Or why do we hold on to integrity and righteous standards in this day and age and don’t do what ‘everybody’ is doing – Are we mad?

Is it that we can’t just blend a bit with the world?

The world calls it madness. We call it strategy.

There’s a calling. There’s a purpose. There’s a life. We won’t let a Gath world system pull us out of it.

As the people of Gath laughed hard at the ‘mad’ David; he laughed even harder within. I’m honestly not apologetic about my ‘madness’.

The King and Kingdom in me thrives!

I pray you won’t sell the life you found to keep an impression with the world.

I’m a Christian- a follower of Jesus. No apologies. No regrets.



  1. Tolulope
    January 2, 2020

    I might not have control over the seasons and circumstances of my life, but I have absolute control over my attitude and passion about life.
    The piano is what it is, but the music we create is up to us.

    Thank you sir.


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